Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yesterday was a good food day for us. Our CSA box was ready to be picked up ad we got some delicious organic fruits and veggies and a loaf of bread to enjoy this week. Naturally, us being the carbaholics we are, the bread is almost gone. But we have plenty of oranges, tangelos, lemons, leeks, salad greens etc to last us the week. The box was a teensy bit smaller than I expected, so we'll see if we can continue this. We like our veggies here. A lot. It really won't take long to blast through the box each week.

We had very limited time for dinner last night and then we had to rush out to a church thing, so I made sandwiches for us with the bread and salad greens and some salami I had here. It. Was. So. GOOD. Good bread makes me very happy. :)
I also baked like mad while the kids napped and made both the kinds of scones I set out to make. They are good, but I can never tell if I make them right. The scones my aunt makes are buttery and full of nuts and raisins and just soooo good. These weren't very buttery, and I put the amount of cranberries the recipe called for in, but they definitely need more. I like me some cranberries! I would have put nuts in them too, Aaron is anti-nut in baked goods, which is really too bad because they are so yum! Regular scone makers: are they supposed to have a buscuit-like quality?

At any rate, yesterday was full of good food and today will be too. I'm making sausage and leek soup. No recipe. Just goin' fer it. If it turns out good I'll post what I put in it, but I doubt I'll know quantities. So much for me being a chef.

Have a lovely day, darlings! Don't forget to sign up for the swap.There are about 10 of us now and I am SO excited about it. You ladies are all amazing! This swap is also open to people who have never swapped before, so feel free to let us introduce you to the addictive fun that is swapping.


Roxanne said...

Don't know much about scones, but sausage and leek soup sounds really good. I'm with you on the no recipe thing. I wouldn't follow one if I had it, so why bother! Sometimes its good, sometimes not so much!

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful blog is making me very hungry!! I enjoyed my visit!


Amanda Jean said...

thank you for the well wishes on my blog today...I am feeling better after a bit of rest.

good bread makes me happy too :)

Anonymous said...

Jeez, all your baking is making me feel so guilty! I've really fallen of the wagon after the holidays. I've been so lazy, I'm talkin' casseroles with the canned soup-lazy! They're good and all, but I LOVE to bake, I miss it! You've inspired me to fire up the oven tomorrow! (Those scones look amazing, by the way!)

Stacey @ Baby Card Expressions said...

Looks very tasty! I have been meaning to ask you how you got your flickr display on the right column in your blog. I cant find anything on the site on how to do that! I'm sure its easy - I just cant figure it out. Hope all is well!