Friday, January 05, 2007

A Birthday, a Momiversary and a Dinner to celebrate it all...

Look at that face! That little face turned three today. Last night we took him to our favorite restaurant, the Tower Cafe for dinner and dessert. My aunt is the pastry chef there, which probably plays a role in why that place is our favorite. The food is great, but the desserts are amazing, and I really don't think I am being biased because I even like the desserts that aren't her recipes.

Well, when we got there, we were lucky enough to catch Lou before she was heading out for the night and she joined us for dinner. My monkey boy was so excited to Auntie Lou with us and even made me move so she could sit with him (which made her day). We had a lovely dinner (Texan Skirt Steak, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, three different desserts...) and enjoyed our little celebration.
Some of Lou's yummy concoctions in this snap above. She has been noticed by a local artist Kathrine Lemke Waste. Katherine paints desserts and has asked my aunt if she could paint some. Wouldn't that lemon tart be an amazing painting? Yum! If you ever find yourself in Sacramento, be sure to check out Tower Cafe and maybe take in a movie at the adjoining Tower Theatre.

So today being monkey's birthday also marks a very special day for's my Momiversary (and Dadiversary for A)! The three year anniversary of becoming a mommy! The last three years couldn't have gone by any faster or been any more fun. This little boy has made Aaron and me so happy (and frustrated and mad...) and was the first link to completing our family. He showed up 3 1/2 weeks early when we were completely unprepared. I thought first time moms always had their babies late, so I figured I could pack my bag later.

But, no. MB wanted to be part of the show early and while standing in church I felt my water break. Nothing like breaking your water in a public place! It was pretty funny because I scurried out to see what was what and a few people saw me leave and then a few minutes later saw someone come back to get Aaron and him jump up, grab our stuff and run out. 12 hours later almost to the minute we greeted our baby boy. That day was definitely one of the happiest days of our lives!

Our Monkey is an amazing little guy. He is the most encouraging kid. He will tell us "Good Job, Mom. Good Job, Dad" for the most mundane tasks like buckling him into is car seat, making toast, changing sisters diaper...Last week he was thoughtfully sitting on the couch and he turned to me and said, "Momma, thanks for buying food." Well, OK! He tells me that my clothes are nice and that I am pretty and beautiful. He tells us that dinner is "delicious" and sometimes "disgusting". He loves his little sister and in the morning if she cries we'll hear him saying to her "What's wrong little peanut girl? Don't cry!" Lately he has noticed every bump, scratch, cut on him body and thinks he'd going to die. Just this morning he came to me and showed me the palm of his hand and declared "My arm is broken" very seriously. Life with this kid is never boring and almost always fun!

Happy Birthday!!

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