Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Four more reasons why I love thrifting...

These beauties! Yesterday afternoon I hit two thrift shops in hopes of finding some old picture frames to use in an upcoming project. No picture frames were to be found but I took home three huge bags of goodies! I have been out of the thrifting game for awhile now, and yesterday was the first time I'd gone in ages. WHen I was in college 2/3 of my clothes and kitchen items were thrifted, but somehow I just got out of the habit. Job, husband, kids (I have learned that kids and thrift store equals a crying fit, usually not from the kids) just made it really hard to get out there.
But since I have had a resurgence in my crafting and creative juices I told Aaron I needed to make thrifting a regular habit again. Though after yesterday's fun I see I am going to have to be much more selective and focused in my purchases. These four items will be used almost daily here in the Bone household, but the 18 little Golden Books I bought for 49 cents each may have been overkill...
For a mere $40 I brought home:
The sweetest Christmas angel candelholder circa 1958
A vintage perfume bottle (which contained the nastiest smelling perfume I have ever encountered. I dumped it down the sink, but it is stubborn stuff, I still smell it! It probably burned the inside of my nose...)
A vanity dish handpainted by "VJH 1958"
A silver plate vanity tray
Vintage Avon soapdish
18 Golden Books dated 1974-1991
2 pyrex dishes (a casserole dish and bread/meatloaf pan)
Creamer and Sugar set
2 coffee mugs (one vintage one Starbucks, hahaha!)
6 skeins of pink vintage yarn
Vintage flower trim
Vintage Christmas bulbs
I'm bragging, huh? I probably shouldn't do that... Hey, all you seasoned thrifters know what a rush it is to go into a store and find maybe not what you were looking for, but things that make you so happy and excited your heart rushes into your throat. That is how I felt when I came across the pyrex and the books. Yeah. Doesn't take much to get me going...

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Photo Birth Announcements said...

these are too cute! i need to go thrifting with you soon. i would love some vintage goodies for my kitchen too! :)