Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, 2007 is here and so far we have had a very quiet, uneventful day. Aaron let me sleep in (still don't know how I managed to luck out with this guy!) and when I finally did join the land of the living we sat our kiesters on the couch and have been watching reruns of Mythbusters, Moving Up and tivo'd Barefoot Contessa. This afternoon we felt a bit guilty over our slothness and took a few minutes to snap together the little playhouse we bought the kids for Christmas. The kids thought it was pretty cool and took turns sliding down the slide before naptime. I'm not sure we could ask for a more perfectly lazy beginning to the New Year.
I promised a Holiday recap, but I am surprisingly tired of the holidays. I am ready to be done and get everything all packed up and put away so we can start fresh on the new year. Clean Slate as Martha Stewart and her team have put it in their January issue. I should probably resolve to not buy as many magazines this year, but I could guarantee that I would break it. I am a magazine fiend! That being said I am going to only recap the most important goings on of the holiday.
We had a nice, but hurried time with family before Aaron and I rushed off to spend time on houseboats with the high school group at our church. We were a tad skeptical that it would be fun, but were pleasantly surprised to find that house boating in December is, indeed, a fun activity. Something we may even do in the future. Distant future as I think we would be pretty freaked out with the kids till they are much older. The picture above is one I took while on shore at Lake Shasta. Gorgeous!

But the best highlight of the holidays was that our little peanut there began standing on her own and took her first couple of steps! Very exciting! We managed to snap this pic before she sat herself down, seems she's a shy walker and doesn't appreciate an audience. We'll see her take a few steps out of the corner of our eyes, but as soon as she senses we see her she looks at us and sits down. But soon, very soon we'll be chasing her all over town.