Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Have Found a New Time Suck

Time suck is a term coined by my husband for any activity where you completely lose all sense of time. Last night I got sucked into the black hole that is flickr. Anyone else done that? I spent hours uploading pictures and searching for groups of likeminded thrifters, crafters, and collectors. It was great to dust off my collection of children's books from my childhood and my mothers childhood and have someplace to showcase them. Aaron doesn't quite get my penchant towards collecting things, and really couldn't get his mind around flickr either. If I used it as a photo-sharing tool with family he'd get it, but I use another site for that, so flickr is strictly fun for me. If any readers here are on flickr leave me a comment with your flickr name, I'd love to check out your pictures! I'm on flickr as littlelovelies, and I'd welcome your comments on any of my pictures.

I'm off to make some felt needlebooks, which I'll show you as soon as I'm done. I was in my craft room all day yesterday sewing little brooches. There will be oodles to show you tomorrow if I manage to keep off of flickr!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

Ah, yes...the vacuum that is Flickr. I know it well. I have literally been there for hours, with my jaw hanging open in awe of everything! lol!

If you want to check mine...ummm...I don't think I know my address there...I just go there and sign in! lol! Maybe something like

Maybe just go to one of my blogs and link over from there...
(my everyday life/family/kids blog)
(my arts and crafts blog)

Photo Birth Announcements said...

oh - my - goodness... i see what you mean. i just searched "birth announcements" and 600+ photos came up. wow. i just uploaded a ton of stuff and i think i'll check out the moocards. very cool!

carolyn said...

I've never really investigated flickr but seeing posts about moo cards has got me thinking that maybe I should give it a go.

mosaic queen said...

Again, I must investigate this flickr thing!