Thursday, January 04, 2007

January and other Beginnings

January just begs for clean starts dosen't it? I always used to hate January when I was younger. To me it was just the begining of long, dreary, cold days until the weather perked up in April-May-ish. I hated the weather, I hated the lack of holidays centering around food and/or gifts and I hated the clothes. Yes, I was vain enough in those days to be all worked up that I had to cover up my cute little bod in jeans and sweaters. Ha! The clothes are numero uno on my list of why I like January these days. Numero Dos is that we get a clean start for the year.

I am one who dosen't mind making resolutions. Probably because I use the term veeeeerry losely. The only thing that I truly resolve to do is try. I make no promises to myself or anyone else that I will be sucessful and so there is no pressure or dissapointment associated with my resolutions for the year. Okay. Maybe there is a teensy bit of dissapointment on my side, but not enough to dissuade me from making a new list each year.

One of the things we have resolved to do this year is to be more healthy. For the last few years we have made slow progress to this end. We have switched to brown rice and whole wheat instead of white. We have cut down on our intake of sweets and tried (with little sucess, I'm afraid) to exercise more. This year we are going to go organic.

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We recently heard of something called Community Supported Agriculture. Through CSA's suburban and urban areas can recieve farm-fresh deliveries of produce, grains, breads and flowers to their door or a drop off site in their neighborhood. And the best thing is that CSA's can be just as affordable as the grocey store and in some cases more so. Plus you get the freshest fruits and vegetables the farms have to offer and get to try varieties that you otherwise might not. This is all very exciting to me and entertaining to my husband because I am ridiculously preoccupied by the thought of fresh salad greens, summer tomatoes and spaghetti squash.

If you want to look into this (and you do, I promise!) for your area there is a CSA diectory at LocalHarvest which has listings of CSAs all overthe US. Plus they have a natural products store that is pretty fun to look at. Hope you find something in your area!

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