Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dollhouse Dreams

Today I am dreaming of dollhouses. I never had one as a little girl. Not a real one anyway. I got all the furniture for Christmas one year, but we never got around to building the house to go with it and I just played with the furniture in shoeboxes, anyway, so it didn't really matter. I did always want one, though.

I have decided that for my sister's upcoming birthday I want to build a dollhouse with her. We'll do it now and by the time her birthday rolls around in March, she'll be able to take her completed dollhouse home. At first we were going to buy a dollhouse, but they are sooooo expensive (the one I want is anyway!), so Aaron and I decided to make our own from wooden boxes he'll build for us.

Noelle's House

This morning we sat down and designed the floorplans of our houses. I am ashamed to say that mine looks like a child drew it, but, hey, we can't all be good at everything, right? Sister's is a house for a little bear family, mine is a booksop on the first floor and studio apartment on the second, with a little attic. Now that the plans have been "drafted", Aaron can get to building!

My booksop. The door will be straight!


Anonymous said...

is that banner new? i love it. love that last picture, too. so sweet.

Claire said...

Thanks! and the banner is new-ish

Anonymous said...

What a fanstastic project.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I think your drawing is adorable! And I can't wait to see the dollhouse when you're done! (There will be pictures, I'd imagine....!)

silverlight said...

did you know that Green Leaf has dollhouse kits? Many hobby stores carry them. Or you can find them online and eBay.
I know about wanting a dollhouse.

Angel Jem said...

I had a dolls house when I was little and still have it, a little the worse for wear after 25 years in the garage. This Christmas it was my 5 year old daughter's turn to get her house and she loves it. We're still sorting and making things, with no decent furniture. Hope you have fun, too!