Friday, January 19, 2007

Claire vs. The Coffeemaker

The coffeemaker and I are at an all time low. Through no fault of the coffeemaker-I'll exhonerate it right now. No. Just me and my stupidity are cause of said low. This morning I made the coffee, since Aaron is still sick. Gotta take care of my man, right? Right. So I ground up the beans, put it in the maker and go take care of the kids while it brews. A few minutes later I go back to get my hot cup of coffee and I notice a puddle on the floor.


That's weird.

I investigate further to notice that some bonehead forgot to put pot in the coffeemaker. That's right folks. I put the water in the maker and then set the pot on the counter next to me, not in the coffeemaker. When I saw it I actually thought "Crap. I can't blame this on pregnancy hormones." I did a lot of absentminded things when I was pregnant, too. At least then I had an excuse.

Today, I just have to admit my deafeat to the coffeemaker and load it up for round two. The mess was pretty stellar and impressed my three year old. Oh and one of the cleanup highlights is that when I moved the coffeemaker to the other side of the kitchen so I could wipe down the countertops, I knocked the butter dish onto the floor butter side down. Lovely.

The sad thing is that at the end of it all, I'm still only going to have a crappy cup of coffee.



Anonymous said...

I haven't even had ANY coffee yet today and it's almost 2pm!!! I have a mountain of laundry that is just so pathetic, and Max was a thug at preschool today for no apparent reason. Looks like it's gonna be one of those days....

beki said...

Oh no!

Stacey @ Baby Card Expressions said...

We dont own a coffee maker for just this reason. I'm bad with them too. :) I think tomorrow will work. Would afternoon be ok? I'll email ya.

claire Maraldo said...

Hi Claire,
I've dropped on by and the first thing I see is a welcoming cup of coffee. You sure are the perfect hostess.
I was laughing reading your post. I do dumb things a lot too. Maybe it's a Claire thing!