Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's Get Our Swap On!

Allright, girls! It is time to do a Brooch Swap! If you would like to participate pease email me at lily_clairedesigns at yahoo dot com. Here are the terms of the swap:

-email me with your name, your blog, if you have one, and the email you would like your partner to contact you at, by Friday, January 19. At that time the swap will be closed and there will be no more participants.

-Please make one brooch for your partner from any medium, fabric, felt, beads, buttons. Just be creative! You may purchase a vintage brooch if you would rather not craft one.

-If you would like to add other goodies to your swap feel free! Chocolates, craft supplies, candies, anything fun you think your partner might like from your stash or things you bought. But you are not required to do this! It's just fun sometimes.

-Swaps need to be mailed to your partners by February 5th. Once you get your swap let your partner know it was recieved via thier blog and feel free to post pictures on your blog. I'll set up a flickr group once we get closer to the swap date.

-I will notify you via email on Saturday or Sunday who your swap partner is.

Thanks for playing! This should be a lot of fun!


Emmascloset said...

This sounds like sooo much fun. I am totally in!

PamKittyMorning said...

HI! Can't find the place where you've hidden your email so I'll respond here.. that mural is to the left of the main entrance to CA Adventure on the way to that Tower of Terror.. across from the movie theater I think. Its so pretty, I love all the colors and wanted to just chop it off the wall.

amanda bel said...

You have been TAGGED!!! Please see my blog for more info! ( And, I will be signing up for the brooch swap ASAP!

Faith said...

I am in and have a friend joining as well!


missy said...

I wanna get my swap on!
Missy Ballance
my blog url is hard for me to remember... so i just hooked it up to, can't forget that. :)
Is that all ya need?
p.s. you did hide yer email pretty good!

Vallen said...

Okay count me in on the brooch swap.

jenny holiday said...

Hey there!! Thank you so so much for stopping by my blog!! : )

So happy to have found yours!!

I would LOVE to be included in your swap!! Hope I am not too late! If you could let me know that would be great! Thanks bunches!

xoxo Jenny
ps..for some reason my email to you was returned I had to comment here. sorry.