Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dear Cold and Flu Season:

I am officially over you. Not that I wanted you around to begin with, but in past years you have had the decency to infect us for only a week or so. This year you have officially overstayed your welcome. Your nasty, icky, annoying germs have been plaguing us off and on since November. November! I don't even let people I like stay around that long!

Please pack up your belongings-your cough medicine, ibuprofen, thermometers, Kleenex, chicken soup, humidifiers, children's cold medicine- and vacate the premises immediately. As in right now. Your presence cannot be tolerated any longer! Because you have chosen to overstay your welcome (though, truth be told, you never were really welcome) my poor family has been stuffy, chough-y and generally feeling gross for far too long! Be gone!


Claire, Aaron and our munchkins


If only it were that easy. Too bad we can't just send an eviction notice to germs and tell them to take a hike and have them actually leave. Wouldn't that be lovely? I know we are not the only ones who have been dealing with the round robin illness this year. Lots of families we know have been perpetually sick since the fall-kids just keep infecting each other again and again in a yucky kleenex and vitamin C filled cycle. Maybe this is just normal cold and flu season and I am only feeling it extra hard this year because I have a three year old in preschool activities. Maybe I just need to get over it and accept the germs as part of my life from mid-November to March. Maybe we need to have vitamin C IVs from now on.


Sorry girls. I'm grouchy and sick again and my darling babies are finally feeling better, which I am thrilled about, but I truly do not have the energy to take care of them today. They are finally "napping". I can hear them singing in their beds, which is so stinkin' cute. I hope they fall asleep, though. Please, PUHLEEZE fall asleep little ones!

I very briefly considered calling my mom to take them for the day, but I know she'll just laugh at me and say "I had 4 kids and no family to help me and I always managed to take care of you when I was sick." It's basically her version of a "I walked uphill both ways to school in the middle of a January blizzard" story. So instead I whine to you guys about it. Aren't I nice? I swear, I'm not going to post again until I have something interesting to say.

**Blogger still won't let me add pics. Anyone else having this problem?


carolyn said...

Well I hope your feeling better by now, try lots of vitamin c.

Gypsy Purple said...

Sorry you are under the weather...hope you will be better soon

Lucy said...

I hope you and the lil ones are feeling better soon!

One time when I couldn't load pics (because the tool bar was missing for days)....I read on the help messages that you had to clear all your temporary files and your history, then reboot your computer and it magically appeared again. I guess there was too much on my computer and it was creating a problem with the blog post editor. Hope you resolve it soon, I know it's frustrating!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad someone else has a mom like mine! The raising four kids and you only have two, so why are you whining? I love it! Thanks! I agree the germs need to take a hike!

Anonymous said...


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