Friday, July 27, 2007

The one where Pheobe gets sick of talking about what to do next and talks about PBS instead.*

Your comments on the last post about staying or going were very helpful, so thanks! The numero uno reason that I would like to move to Typepad is to reply to comments directly to the commenter. Since someone said that wordpress offers the same feature for free I may look into that. I just got this here blog-thing where I like it, so I am hesitant to move. Funny how I am putting waaay more thought into this move than I do our brick and mortar moves. What I have to weigh is whether or not, at the end of the day I am going to want to move to Typepad anyway. Because if that is going to happen anyhow, then I migt as well move now, right?

Geez. Have we had enough of the stay/go discusson? Me too. Lets move on.

Aaron and I have been watching the new PBS mini-series, Simon Schama's Power of Art. Three words: Ah. May. Zing. I am so disapointed to find that we caught it on the tail end of the series and that next week's look into Rothko is the last one. We saw David and Turner and both were extremely fascinating. It is as much about the art as about how Schama presents it, which is brilliant. Actually it is probably more about Schama and his presentation because I am looking forward to the Rothko episode as much as I was the Turner though I am not as much interested in Rothko's work. I am, however, eagerly waiting to hear what Schama's commentary on the work is.

And now I leave you with my Club Little House submission. I had planned on doing a 4th of July picnic/fireworks show. Well that evolved into a Day at the County Fair. There is a fair poster, blue ribbon (you can decide what you won it for), a blanket to watch the fireworks show on and a firework. The firework has a long end to attach to the back of a dollhouse, so it really looks like a fireworks show.

*Not a real Friends title, but it sounds like it could be, dosen't it? Of all the Friends, I think Phoebe would be the one to watch PBS.


Claire said...

that picture really is pathetic, but it looks better in person, I swear!

carolyn said...

Missed the Typepad/Blogger debate. Typepad do offer lots and lots of features but of couse you do have to pay. As for the email reply to comments although I guess it can be very useful (and nice) I've discovered that lots of us Typepad bloggers do get a bit "challenged" by it at times - I mean do you email or do you visit the persons blog and comment, sometimes there just isn't enough time to do both.

Marisa said...

I toy around with moving my blog to Typepad...Good luck with your decision. Let me know how it works out.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oooh those miniatures are so sweet!!!!

Hmmm, I have had problems with blogger lately too.

anita said...

I love your contribution! How original!! I hope it's one that I get back... My goodness I have quite a case of *wants* when I see the submissions.