Sunday, July 08, 2007

bugs and glitches and such

So I am using a different computer for my blogging and whatnot and have just discovered two very disturbing facts. #1 - this computer eats my itunes. I just bought 3 albums on itunes, got my recipt and poof! they are gone never to be recovered. I want to call Apple and cry about it but I am about 90% certain they won't give a rip. And disturbing fact #2 - this computer won't let me upload photos. This is so sad because my pink birthday party was last night and I have some fabulous pictures. Cute pink decorations and grown men hula hooping. I know you are really sad to be missing out for the time being. IT (aka Aaron) is working on it. We better figger it out soon cuz we can't afford to go buying a new computer!!

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Rachel said...

If you can borrow a friend's computer, you should be able to log into your itunes account and download your purchases again and at least burn them to cds. This doesn't help much with new purchases, but atleast you could those albumsy you just bought!