Monday, July 09, 2007

Vintage Photo

Vintage Photo
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I wonder if we all had cool cameras like these if we wouldn't stll be using film...It's wierd, but I miss my film camera. I miss the click of the shutter. I miss wondering if the picture turned out (but I don't miss the frustration of getting a picture back that I had hoped would turn out well, but had actually turned out garbage).

I know there are fancy pants cameras that simulate all the fun of film without the frustration of not getting the shot you want, but I can't afford even the cheap versions of those cameras right now. Besides I have two killer film cameras that belonged to my father wasting away in the closet.

My Dad was a hobby photog. His subjects? Moi and my siblings, beaches and flowers in Hawaii, classic cars... About a year before he died he gave me his old Pentax camera and extra lenses. One Christmas he sat down and showed me how to use it and all the effects that it could create.

I hardly listened to a word.

Not because I am an ungrateful brat (at least not at that moment) but because I was paying more attention to how excited he got explaining something he loved to me. He would get all giddy and happy that we were interested in something he loved (his other love was math, and I am sorry, but we did NOT share that one) and try and teach us years of skills in a half an hour.

Now my Dad ws one of those guys who could actually learn years of skills in half an hour. It really must have chapped his hide that none of us kids were like that. Actually I take that back, my Marine brother is like that, but his interests didn't include photography as much as trying to figure out how to tap a keg when the liquor store forgot to give him one. A good skill to have, yes, but not really one my dad could relate to so much.

And so my Dad was left to teach me everything he knew about photography and telescopes (another love we shared). Today I am the proud owner of dad's cameras and telescope and sitting here wishing I had paid more attention to what he was saying when he explained these things and less attention to how much fun he was having explaining it.

Actually, I don't. It really was more fun watching him enjoy the moment. Besides, I can download the manuals of the internet, right?


Sarah and Jack said...

Or you might find a photography class at the local junior college.

My Dad also used to like taking pictures, but digital cameras have sucked his enjoyment right out of it!

Vallen said...

I had the same experience last year at a Giant's game. It was Willie MAys birthday and every old player was on the field. I thought, I would love to have my dad there because as mush as I enjoyed it there was nothing like the way my dad got excited about the Giants.
Wish we could download our dads, don't you?

Buzzy said...

Hey Girl,

I have an Pentax 1000 Asahi and an Olympus OM10. Both semi-old school SLRs. I would love to show you everything I know about cameras/photography! I know it's not the same as listening/learning from your dad, but if you're interested, please let me know.

Chara Michele said...

I was going to say the same thing as Sarah. A lot of junior/community colleges offer photography classes, so that might be a good place to start. Otherwise there are a lot of tutorials on the internet about how to take pictures with SLR cameras.