Friday, July 13, 2007


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We passed an important milestone last night. The "kid with a gaping hole in his head and needs to get stiches" milestone. As the kids were getting ready for bed Monkey was sitting on the arm of the couch and slid off right into the handle of the DVD cabinent. No roughhouseing, no running, falling, jumping. He just slid right into the cabinent as he was trying to help and turn off the dvd player.

That's whatcha get for helping, kid.

I took one look at it and realized stiches were needed and scooped up him and peanut and we were on our way. 5 hours later and one traumatizing sewing experience later we were home.

The ER nurse was particularly bothered by sewing our monkey up because he had one at home same age, same name (who looked remarkably like our monkey, too), so he was really brokenhearted at having to participate in our boy's pain. We all shed a few tears together.

Our monkey was a serious trooper, though. Once it was over they gave him toys and stickers. He even shook the nurses hand and the docs hand and gave them stickers to prove he harbored no ill will towards them.

When all is said and done he'll have a kick'n pirate scar over his eye to show everyone.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my. I am going to close my eyes and continue to believe this is never going to happen to Jack now. (Too scary!)

PamKittyMorning said...

Ahh, the joys of motherhood!

Handmade Dork said...

Oh man! I'm so glad your monkey's ok!

faithsalutes said...

i want a scar like that.

Jeanne said...

Hope your "monkey" is on the mend.

Sugar Bear said...

I remember being a kid and wearing my scars so proudly! Hope Monkey is doing well and feeling all better.

Emma's Closet said...

Poor Monkey! Get that kid the biggest plate of pancakes next time you guys go eat them at Pancake Circus. That just stinks. I sure hope he gets better soon, and has a really cool scar that all those girls will ask about someday (you have got to come up with a better story though).

Chara Michele said...

Oh my, I hope he is doing okay now!

Anonymous said...

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