Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lookie what my friends are up to!

Flickr Friends
Originally uploaded by littlelovelies.
I have some pretty fab flickr friends, no? Look at all this fabulousness!

I am hopefully going to have this uploading deal figured out soon because I have soooo many things to show. I made the dollhouse fireworks the other day, and man did they turn out CUTE! The quilts are only slightly less cute because I can't figure out the whole binding thing. Someday. But all in all the sets are super super cuta and I can't wait to see who gets them in Club Little House.

I have also been a decopauging fool the last few days and have an impressive pile to show for it. It makes me pretty happy I must say. There is a Sac Craft Mafia event (Stop Shop and Stroll) on Saturday night so I'll be selling the stack of goodies there.

But for now I am getting great inspiration off of flickr!


beki said...

I can't wait until you get your camers problems figured out. It sounds like you've been up to some great projects!!

Jeanne said...

Claire, Did you ever get the Crown I sent you from the Crown and Tiara Swap? Just wondering...I mailed it July 3rd so hopefully it arrived.

Claire said...

Hope you get the uploading issues solved soon. That must be frustrating.
Oh, and hey! I'll be at Stop, Shop, and Stroll, too!