Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A WIP of the Shop Variety

I almost forgot about this WIP! The little lovelies handmade June 1 launch date is looming ahead all too quickly. I have plenty of fun stuff to introduce to you, though most of it will be familiar things that I have talked about with you all before. I am working on Peggy and Cecelia dolls and have been toying with the idea of little family doll sets. The baby that monkey requested has been embroidered and is just waiting to be stuffed with fluff and sewn up. Daddy dollie is still in the works.

Since I made the Mama doll (formerly Lola) she has been a staple in my kids day. She is a perfect size to clutch and carry around the house. Right now we have a playtime ritual of putting our dolls to sleep and giving them kisses. We have two AG dolls and Mama doll (who is a perfect size to be a doll's doll...) and all get lined up and kissed by peanut, covered with a blankey by monkey and drift off soundly to sleep.

This morning, in preparation for the June 1 grand opening over at Etsy I made a colossal list of things I need to do, starting with getting a postal scale so I can weight things and mail them off from home. Two kids, several packages, a line at the PO and unhelpful counter staff is a hell that I hate to enter, which explains the growing mountain of packages that need to be mailed out. I realize that if I am going to have the least bit of success with little lovelies handmade a postal scale or baby sitter will be in order. I think the scale will be cheaper.


Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see your your dolls!

missyballance said...

yay! Can't wait to see the progress... and yes a scale is a super duper must. I love mine... and I bought the cheapest digital one they had at office max. Had the not digital one, and it just didn't last very long :(

Sugar Bear said...

I use Click and Ship through the post office site for most of my packages - you print and pay for the label and then just drop the package at the post office - or you can request a carrier pick up right at your house! I hope I'll be able to get one of your dolls! I just LOVE them!

Cerri said...

Love, love your etsy and blog banners! They are just darling!!
Can't wait to see what you will have in your shop!
Good luck with your Grand Opening!!
~Cerri xoxo

Handmade Dork said...

I can't wait to see your shop!