Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another one about food.

Expect food posts more often, folks. I am on a mission to make sure we use all of the contents of our veggies each week and sharing recipes with you is part of the fun for me.

I picked up our veggies today and got a sweet little suprise. Pretty bright red strawberries! I smell a berry crisp in our future... Again I searched epicurious for recipes and got an assortment of yummy ideas.

This weeks box includes Salad Mix, Strawberries, Rosemary, Chard, Snow Peas, Leeks and, Arugula. I'll be making Mixed Berry Crisp (with fresh and frozen berries), Seared Rainbow Chard with Leeks, Rosemary Shortbread, and Arugula Salad this week. All these recipes can be found on the epicurious website (I'm too lazy to hyperlink all of them). If you all have any suggestions for recipes I must try using any of these ingredients toss 'em my way!

By the way, last weeks recipes were amazing. I wasn't sure that the Spring Vegetable Soup would be flavorful enough, but it was perfect. The Collard Green Olive Pesto is also going to become a family favorite. It was good spread on cibatta, too.

I'm off to make Martha's Marble cake for Handmade Parade and mow the lawns!


Sonya said...

That was always the challenge when we had a CSA - using up everything. Those strawberries look beautiful though, bet not a one went to waste!

carolyn said...

Nearly time for Handmade Parade isn't it? I'm sure all these lovely veggies will give you the extra energy you need for it! He He! Best of luck.