Monday, May 14, 2007

Fairy Slippers

I got these jewels for Peanut today at good ol' Target. Like most things the picture dosen't do them justice. They are the perfect fairy slippers for a little girl. My little girl might be only 18 months, but she already loves shoes and pretty dresses and frequently brings me her shoes or a pretty shirt to put on her. Soon I will start collecting and making dress up clothes for her, something that I am so looking forward to.

The softie swap mails out tomorrow! Are you all ready?? If not make sure to drop a line to your partner and let them know when you plan of mailing it. I made a Flickr group for them, but it is open only to participants of this swap, so if you have a Flickr account and didn't get an invite please drop me a line through Flickr and I'll send you one.


Sonya said...

Sofite Swap? How the heck did I miss out on that one?

Renee said...

Those are just adorable and so springy!