Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 (more) "Cute and Endearing" Things About Moi
I was tagged a few days ago by Arlene to tell ya all about my weirdness. First, for reference, take a look at the first 6 weird things about me. Take note that I am officially changing this bad boy to "cute and endearing" things about me. Because, well, I can. So after wracking my brain (ha!) I have 7 more cute and endearing things about me. Because you all wanted to know more about me than you already do, right?
Anyhoo, here we go:
1. When my kids are not home I will sometimes go all day without talking. I rarely talk on the phone, so if the phone dosen't ring or I don't make a call I won't utter a word from the time Aaron leaves for work until he gets home.
2. Raya will hate this one, but when I paint my toes I rarely take off the polish. I either paint over it or let it grow out. I know, I know, its gross. Someday when I can afford to get a pedi every two weeks, I'm there. But til then, just don't look at my toes from October to March.
3. Tori Spelling cracks me up. She does! Do you remember her as Screetch's girlfriend (Violet?? If that is right I am officially a loser) funny stuff. Also, her show So Notorious on VH1? Freaking hilarious. And now I am dying over over Tori and Dean: Inn Love. I just love a person who doesn't take herself seriously, and that girl knows that her life is ridiculous and dosen't mind that we all see it. I actually laugh out loud watching her shows.
4. When in the car I mumble. Alot. Aaron is constantly telling me to speak up. I don't know why I do this and I don't know why I do it only in the car. Ask Aaron how cute and endearing he thinks it is...
Ok. At the moment I cannot come up with 3 more. Maybe I'll open it us to my friends and family to comment on here more weird things I do. There's millions, I just can't think of any at the moment. Sorry!
But I do tag my fellow mafistas Shonda, Amy , Melissa and Missy to play along. I'm tagging you in the spirit of the game, but if this isn't your thing, that's coo', too.


Beth said...

OMG --- I love Tori and Dean Inn Love... that just cracks me up to no end. I never thought she would be that funny, but man she is. Love the first episodes -- the icing on the chest comment was hilarious. Gotta love a woman who can laugh at herself!

I also do not talk if Emma is not around -- and -- oh heavens to Betsy -- do not remove my toenail polish either.

Peptogirl said...

Hey! You tagged me! Please tell me I can respond AFTER Baz Biz??? Hehe.