Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Flickr Love

My creation
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My camera died. Well. The batteries died, anyway. The camera can be revived, but I keep forgetting to buy batteries when I go to the store. I guess we can say my camera is in a coma. Poor camera.

In the meantime I'm posting my daily inspirations. Fun stuff! I heart these pictures! They make me happy. Thank goodnedd for Flickr and the ability to "borrow" other people's pics in a crisis.

When I do have a camera again, I have TONS to shoot. I have three fun packages of goodies to photograph, more granny squares (post to the flickr group if you have any, kids!), a granny square purse, I have been working on, and some super fun magnents I made yesterday.

It's all stuff I am making to get ready for Handmade Parade and some other shows in the area. I might even update my etsy shop with some of it, but I haven't decided quite yet.

Have a lovely day! Is the sun out where you are? It is out in full force here and it almost makes me want to go out and clean our yard. Almost...


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oooh! Love the pics! Are you participating in Jenny's Vintage Kitchen Swap? I am sooo excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your flickr love. Hope your camera makes a full recovery :o)