Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Birdie - 0, Whale - 1

I made a few appliques yesterday (soooo fun!) and sewed one to an old tshirt I had. I have a feeling that all my clothes will be getting the treatment soon... Anyway, I asked hubs what he thought of my shirt and he said "Cute Whale!"

Humpf. Too bad we were going for bird, which I pointed out to him and he said "Oh yeah, I can tell its a bird." Lies. From a distance it really does look like a whale. Good thing it was an experiment. Bad thing I sewed a bird-whale to a perfectly good tshirt.


laeroport said...

Eh. Husbands. What do they know. Embroider some stick legs under it and there will be no doubt it's a bird.


Sarah and Jack said...

That is totally a bird to me. But maybe they think it needs feet?