Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Girl Scout Cookie Trifecta

Yes, I realise that there are only two boxes of cookies pictured, and that "tri" means three. Thin Mints are not pictured. Because I ate them all. Or at least I ate most of them. I shared... A little. Aaron had 3 or so and the kids had a few... Ok, I pretty much ate them all.

Thank goodness that Girl Scout cookie time is only once a year. I have looked forward to March ever since I was a Girl Scout. I hated February, because that was when we had to go door to door selling the cookies, but I loved getting the cookies. I loved going to our leaders house and seeing cases and cases of cookies lined up in her living room. My troop was frequently a top selling cookie troop, I think partly because many of the girls came from large families who would buy dozens of boxes. We were unlucky in that our family was all out here in California and we lived in Missouri at the time, making it neccesary for me to hoof it to the neighbors houses each February.
Rarely did you see Girl Scouts in front of the supermarkets the way you do now. I think that is a new development in Girl Scouting, probably because sending your kid out to sell in the neighborhood isn't as safe as it once was. I actually used to go by myself for blocks and blocks. I don't think I would even consider letting my kids do that now. The supermarket scouts is where I have gotten my cookies for the last several years, and not once since we moved into our house has a Girl Scout, Boy Scout or Campfire girl ever come to our door selling their stuff.

It is probably a good thing, really. I am a sucker for little kids selling stuff. Entertainment Books, wrapping paper, candy, bad gift items - you name it I bought it. As long as it was a kid selling it, I was wrapped around their little fundraising fingers. The last time I remember being hit up for all these things was before I was married and I lived with two girls in an apartment. I think the kids of that complex had our number because we bought from everyone. We had so much over priced wrapping paper and candy it was ridiculous. We must have really put a dent in their fundraising efforts when we moved out.

But for now, I need to be content with my once a year Girl Scout cookie overload, and be thankful that the neighborhood kids don't know that a sucker is living down the street.


Vallen said...

It's good that you don't work in a school. The appeals are never-ending. Fortunately they have banned fundraising that involves food so there are no See's candy bars, and frozen cookie dough sales of years past. But many colleagues have Girl Scouts in their family. I always end up with boxes and boxes. And yes, I love them, too, all of them except the low-fat ones.

Mizfixit said...

I laughed at your comment about the Thin Mints! Two weeks ago I had two boxes of them...I now have a quarter of one box left. Oh, and I ate a half a box one afternoon at work last week. I tried to stop, really I did!! My co-workers even stole them and tried to hide them from me. That worked for about a day LOL!

Best of luck with Handmade Parade! I'm sorry I don't live closer because I would definitely come check it out!

beki said...

I've been hiding my girlscout cookies in my desk drawer, trying to stay out of them!

Allison said... Scout...cookies....they're so, so, good! Nice to know I'm not alone in my affliction.
Allie in Minneapolis

Felicia said...

Yes, thank goodness those girls are only out once a year with those boxes. The secret is no eye contact. Move quickly past them and into the store without locking eyes cause once you do its over! :)

Elizabeth said...

What is it about those thin mints....impossible to stop once you start.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Mmmmmmm! Thin mints! Another snack that doesn't last long in our house. We have the same issue with being suckers for kids selling stuff. I think we have a reputation for that now in our nieghborhood!

Peptogirl said...

That makes me laugh! I ate a few...uh...boxes of Girls Scout cookies myself! Especially the thin mints! And the little girl who sold them to me reminded me of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. She was SO cute!