Friday, December 15, 2006

Two lists...

Seems like I am not the only one whose holiday has caught up with them, she is and she is and her, too! Nice to know I'm not alone. So here is my holiday to do list (which keeps getting longer the more I read blogs and see other people's great holiday projects) hopefully it will all get done!!

-Crochet slippers for husband
-Make 4 pairs of Christmas jammies for Christmas Eve (well, just the pants)
-Make LP her first Christmas ornament (which was last year)
-Make Ornament boxes for the kids (I embellished upon this idea of wrapping ornament boxes for next year. I'll post pics when I finish)
-Finish up all those hairpins and brooches
-Embellish the ornaments I got for friends (no time to make my own from scratch, so I'm gonna fancy up some store bought felt ornaments)
-Finish up my Stichette pillows
-Make as many of these coasters as I have time for (you might have to scroll down some to see them)
-Finish the pom-pom wreath (but apparently I need a tutorial on making pom poms. Mine are LAME)
-Bake Christmas cookies
-Other duties as assigned (don't you just love that in a job description? I had a boss whose "other duties" were dry cleaning pick ups, coffee runs and business trips I didn't really need to be on. I would say something about it and he would just point to "other duties as assigned". Just grand, huh?)

Things I don't have time to make this year, but have every intention of making next year:

-Fun Pom-Pom garland ,cute, huh?
-All of these (but probably just the trees)
-This holiday planner really rocks my socks!

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