Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Christmas Cheer

Last night after dinner we put jammies on the kids and got in the car to go check out the neighborhood Christmas lights. Not far from our house is a street where every single house has decorations. The street is well known in the area for their lights and it has been a favorite holiday stop for years. Before we got well on our way we stopped at good ol' Starbucks for hot chocolate. Our son has never gotten hot chocolate before and I knew he would be impressed by the cup, let alone the chocolatey goodness inside. He equates the cup to coffee and coffee to grown ups, so I knew getting his hot chocolate in a grown up cup would be a pretty big deal. I was right, just check out this smile! He was such a good boy, no mess or anything.

Normally when we go to this display we get out and walk. Many of the homeowners are out to chat with the kids and hand out candy canes, but when we got there it started raining and being the babies we are, we decided to just drive slowly down the street and then go check out some other lights in the area.

Doing so brought us to this house in one of the more fancy pants areas of town. The owners decorate their lawn with every cartoon character known to man (and child) which makes it a kiddie favorite. Our monkey boy really liked pointing out his favorite cartoon friends, which was really cute.

After we got home I had a very productive evening making brooches and hair barrettes for various swaps and gifts. I'll snap pics of those later. My mother in law kindly gave me gads of vintage seam binding and lace and bias tape, so I had so much fun adding them to my own crocheted flowers. I almost didn't want to go to bed, I was having such a good time!

Later tonight when Aaron gets home I am going to take off to the grocery store (yuck!) and the craft store (yay!) to get supplies to make an ornament for Little Peanut's first Christmas last year. Hopefully I will have time to work on it tonight, but most likely it will be a project for tomorrow.


mosaic queen said...

How cute your little boy is with that Starbucks cup!! My youngest 2 daughters (18 & 14) live at Starbucks. They are big-time coffee drinkers already....my fault. Matter of fact, they tried talking me into having an Advent Calendar with Starbuck gift cards for the count-down til Christmas. Silly girls! I am buying them $50 Starbuck giftcards for the stocking! They'll be sooooo happy!

mosaic queen said...

Your little boy is so cute with that Starbuck's cup!! My youngest 2 daughters (18 & 14) live at Starbucks! They are big-time coffee drinkers....my fault. Matter of fact, they tried talking me into having an Advent Calendar using Starbuck gift cards for the count-down til Christmas! Silly girls. Okay...I am buying them $50 Starbuck gift cards for the stocking. What can I say, I'm a push-over.

faithness said...

What happens when you hate the grocery store and your husband wants fresh food in the house constantly because he has the metabolism of an infant trying out for the world's strongest man contest. Hate grocery store. Trader Joes is a bit more friendly.

Count your blessings, my hippie grandparents and urban mother who does not give a damn about anything vintage and have nothing material to give. Blessings. But they have sarcasm, which I enjoy almost as much. Do they have vintage sarcasm? I think so.
Love the little bird on last post.

aynur bicer said...

Happy Christmas