Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fave Holiday Movies

Below (in no particular order) is a list of the movies I love to watch at Christmas time. Not all of them are actually Christmas movies, but they either came out at Christmas or make me happy like Christmas so in my world they become "Christmas Movies". I know. Weird. But I'm ok with that.

1. A Christmas Story -- Ok, so this is actually my favorite Christmas movie. It is just too funny and I think it perfectly describes what a kid who really really wants something will do to get the perfect gift. And the one-liners in this movie are good all year!

2. Elf -- SO FUNNY. I love it when really great movies that are totally kid friendly and adult friendly come out. That doesn't happen so much anymore.

3. Christmas in Connecticut -- Great old movie. I love it because it's funny, romantic, and holiday all in one.

4. You've Got Mail and 5. Little Women and 6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- K, so not so much a Christmas movies, but Christmas is in them and they are one of those ones that just makes me happy. HP came out during Christmas and we saw it on Christmas day, so I will always think of it as a holiday flick.

7. Holiday Inn -- It's been ages and ages since I saw this one, but I love it because it hits all the holidays (major and otherwise) and has Bing Crosby.

Which Brings me to 8. White Christmas -- Do I really need to say why I like that one?

9. A Hobo's Christmas -- Bet you never heard of that one. It was a made for TV movie in the late 80's. When I was a kid we lived in Hawaii for a few years and the only way to get tv where we lived was to get cable (there was a mountain blocking the signal where we lived) and my folks couldn't afford cable. So my grandparents would record movies and tv shows during the holidays and send them to us in VHS. The Christmas episodes of Amen, Golden Girls and Cosby Show also make me really happy because they were all included on the tapes...hahaha!

10. An American Tail -- Also sent by the Grandparents during xmas while we lived in Hawaii. My brothers and I would cry and cry when Fievel Mousekowitz got lost and again whenever he would just barely miss finding his parents. My mom would get so frustrated with us and tell us of we didn't stop bawling every stinking time we watched it we wouldn't be allowed to watch it anymore. I still get a little choked up during that one. (ps. one of the bawling brothers is a Marine now, hahaha!)

11. The Polar Express -- We can thank my son for that one. He loves to watch it over and over again, but is actually good so I don't mind. Besides it's a 1000 times better than Barney or Thomas. Plus, it's just plain cute.

There you have it. Does that make up for the fact that I hate the "classic" kids movies?

**Update** Faithness reminded me about Millions, which is completely fab! And I did mention it earlier as a fave, but forgot. Thanks for reminding me, Faith!


faithness said...

You have to see Millions. It is my favorite and is adult/kid friendly as well. Might even post about it....its that good.

Leigh Ann said...

Someone else who loves Holiday Inn as much as me! I found it on Netflix and plan to watch it this weekend. Yippee!