Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm tired!

And I am going to whine about it. My kids have woken up at ungodly hours of the night/morning two days in a row, refusing to go back to sleep. Yesterday morning both Aaron and I got up, but this morning Aaron was a sweetie and let me sleep in. Ok. I'll be honest, it was less him letting me sleep in and more me refusing to get up. But anyway.

So here I am today, with a big ol' laundry list of things to do (including the laundry!) and two tired grumpy kids to drag around. So if you are at the post office, Joann's fabrics, or McDonalds at some point after 12 noon today and see two tired grumpy, (but exceptionaly cute) kids and their equally tired, grumpy mom, it's probably me. Hopefully by then we'll be happier. We'll see.

I am starting to feel the Christmas push now. Before Thanksgiving I had gotten all my shopping done, which is a double edged sword. On one hand I'm done and have no worries, on the other it leads to more buying for the kiddos when I see something "just perfect" that I hadn't seen before. Alot of the said shopping was for craft supplies, also. So basically I got the shopping done, but not the crafting. Busy busy busy till Christmas to get it all done. The story of my (and every other crafter's) life, right?

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faithness said...

Your life is rad. Just read your about...nice to know you are a Christian. Radical badical. I work for political consulting firm in LA and want 500 kids (global home). On that road soon, just hoping to finish up Masters degree first. Tell your Senior girls in highschool to keep their pants on, but for Christian girls they become more like emotional sluts. So, keep it guarded folks.