Monday, December 11, 2006

Swap Pins
Corduroy primitive pin with a bird emdroidered on. The back of the oin in the smae as the fabric in the background.

Patchwork square flower with vintage and new button trim. I adore these pins. They are fun to make and sooooo fun to wear!

Simple Croched Flower with button trim. Next time I think I will mount it onto green felt leaves. It needs that extra oomph, I think.

None of the pictures came out very good. I have a small camera and I just haven't mastered the light in my house yet. I took them in my sewing room, but I think my kitchen gets the best light, but if I am going to take pictures in there regularly then I need to keep it clean regularly!


One Crabapple said...

Actually these pictures did come out good ! It is hard in the winter to get enough light. I know ! Mommo / Lemon Gardenia told me how she got one of those clear / white totes and put a light behind it and then puts her stuff in the box with the indirect lighting coming thru. Like sunshine ! I think it is a great idea ! But I have not tried it yet.

And they are all such cute little goodies ! perfect for Trades at workshops / shows.

Claire said...

Thanks for that suggestion! You can bet I am going to try that next time. And thanks for the compliment about the goodies, they are fun, aren't they? ;)