Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gotta Get 'em Dones

clean out the car and take it to the shop
go to the thrift store to get beach towels, books, lap desks for car )and probably a half a dozen other things completely unrelated to the beach or our trip)
find portable DVD player and kids tents (they are sleeping in them in the hotel room)
sew up last minute totebags for neice and nephews

snacks for the road and the beach (cheaper up here than down there)
alcohol (cuz I'll need it to recover from the 6 hour drive)
an attitude adjustment for monkey
swim toys

Ok, so the new 'tude, sanity and muzzle I can't really buy, as much as I might want to. Today has been particularly trying and included me leaving a full cart of things in the middle of Target while I had to wisk my child back to the car. If you were at the Target in Elk Grove and heard money having dino-raptor temper tantrum, I apologise. 10 minutes later after he got his consequences he was giggly and cute. You would have never known that he had ever had a melt down.

Is it just me or are three year olds bi-polar? I just remind myself that it is just temporary. Temporary. As in not forever....right??


Sarah and Jack said...

I think that in general, 3 is worse than 2.

And yes, that scares me.


Celeste said...

LOL....that totally sounds like my kids.

Sonya said...

Survive. Be strong! And then have a great vacation!

Felicia said...

LOL Well I was going to ask who the muzzle was for!

Handmade Dork said...

Three is definitely worse than two. I think Maddy was having the exact same melt down at an entirely different Target today at about the same time. Do you think they synchronized their Swatches? Have fun, Girlfriend.

Claire said...

Oh, if only we could buy new attitudes...they totally should sell them at Target. I'd buy two.
Have a great time on your trip!

Rachel said...

OH my gosh, we are in the exact same situation, even down to the tantrums at Target! Except mine is four now and it's been going on for a year. Ugh! Seriously, one minute they are your best friend, the next Lucifer has invaded their bodies. I always say that is why they have to be adorable most of the time...defense against the crazy side.

carolyn said...

Right - before you know it that 3 year old will be a teenager!