Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dollies in progress
Wow! You are all so very sweet to me. Thank you so much for helping me put CODL (crazy old dollhouse lady) into perspective. And thanks for your comments, you are all definitely entered into the drawing for the dollhouse 4th of July picnic I am making! If you didn't comment yesterday you can still comment there till tomorrow and be entered for the picnic. But we don't need to talk about yesterday's haps anymore ;) just say hi.
Soooo moving right along to these little dears here. Above is the mama doll to my first family doll set, she is coming right along and quite cutely, too. Below is a Peggy doll with cat eye glasses. She kind of looks like she's heading up a caper, doesn't she?

All the little dots on her apron are french knots. I am very much in love with french knots right now. Once you get the hang of them they are so very easy and so very fun to do. I highly recommend them to everyone.

I don't care how sweet their digs are over at google, blogger is lame right now. I am not really yelling at you guys, blogger is. I swear. Thanks for the link, Monica! Love your new look, BTW!


Megan Udell said...

Aw, the mama dolly is such a cutie!

Sugar Bear said...

I just love your dolls! Hoping I will be able to get one soon!

Happy Zombie said...

Dear Blogger,

I know I promised to be nice to you from now on, but really.... you're hurting my eyes and my brain. Can you please give Claire her font back? Please? Oh Blogger, are you sleeping with CODL - on the DL with her? Did she put you up to this? Is she blackmailing you? You can get help Blogger. Now take a deep breath, relax... and now give Claire her @#$%ing font back!


Happy Zombie said...

Where was I!?! Love your embroidery! I too love making french knots, but only so many at a time. What's funny is I do a few, and then I think, "ah, a few more over here". And then that creates an empty space somewhere else... "ah, a few more over there". And the cycle begins again, over and over. Somehow 12 french knots turn into 144 french knots!

Chara Michele said...

I love the doll embroidery!

Doe said...

OMG, I'm drooling all over this little lovely lady! Where were you when I needed help with my embroidery 101? My french knots look like zits that are about to blow simultaneously! My backstitches are crooked and uneven! Hello Goddess, I need help! Can you recommend a good book with lots of photos for this newbie!