Monday, June 04, 2007

The Queen Mum

No, we weren't robbed over the weekend. It is the mother of all craft office. I am ashamed to say that this is a good day. It certainly is no cozy workspace for me. Someday, when my brain gets rewired as an organized person, it will be clean and lovely and will rival the best of the best. Until then my poor little office will remain a perpetual WIP, much like the people who use it, I suppose. Aaron did give me the ok to go shopping for stuff to reorganize, so that will be on the horizon one of these days. I feel like I won't be able to truly takle it until I have a whole weekend to devote to it. I want to be able to pull everything out and do it Clean Sweep style-keep, trash, sell/donate.

I think what I really need is for people who aren't attached to my crap-er-stuff to come and tell me to clean up my act (any volunteers?). Aaron says that the only thing that will solve my problem is a match. He's probably right.

Thanks for checking out my Etsy shop, guys! I am doing dolls this week so that on the 15th I can actually put up dolls. I just love making them! I love drawing them and dreaming up their little outfits and fun little details. I just finished cat-eyes for Peggy. Too cute if I do say so myself. I'll show her off tomorrow, maybe.


Journeying said...

Hey, office being WIP....and people being WIP....isn't that really the way it is???
Your "stuff" is wonderful! I love how creative you are.

Sarah and Jack said...

Ah well, messes schmesses. I am currently ignoring the Thomas explosion that has taken over the living room myself.

You do, however, need a trip to the flea market for a new chair! (wink)

Claire said...

yes, I really do need a new chair-it is just pathetic!

Sugar Bear said...

Ooo! Can't wait to see your dolls. I'm going on vacation the 16th and will be packing the 15th but I'm going to try really hard to remember to check out your shop!

Sonya said...

What're you going to do? I need a room first to have it be a fabric pit. Soon, soon. I have plans this summer to annex part of the garage. But it is not that bad or scary - you are a busy and creative lady. With two kids to boot.