Thursday, February 08, 2007

When It Rains It Pours...

When we do something round here we like to go big. Especially when it comes to illness and baby births and stuff like that. When I had my peanut girl we were taking care of my little sis while my mother was on a dream vacation to Italy. She was to be gone three weeks. No big thing. I still had six weeks till my kiddo was born. Week 1 sister comes home with a memo from teacher saying that the class had a "ringworm" epidemic. Luckeee. We took all the necessary precautions and avoided it. Week 2 my peanut girl decided she wanted to come early, but since it was too early I was put on bed rest for a week. Did it and the day they let me off bed rest I went into labor and well...So week 3 rolls around and I have a new baby a two year old a 7 year old and my poor sister comes home with the dreaded ringworm. By the way, my mother in law deserves a medal for helping us while I was in the hospital. She bore the brunt of the drama on the homefront and plenty of drama there was.

In the true spirit of us doing things big, this week I am recovering from the aforementioned kidney infection (of which I am pretty much fully recovered), but my kids didn't want me to feel bad being the only one sick and all. Soooo. Monkey boy had the flu and Peanut girl has pneumonia.

I think he is pretty much recovered because he is back to being all snotty to his sister today. Of course, she being sick has made the slightest touch from her brother absolutely deadly. She is also basically fine just a yucky cough. It all just adds to the chaos that is our life. Bedtime is interesting right now. We sit the kiddos on the counter in the kitchen and assembly line the meds and graham cracker bribes until the deed is done. They are good sports about it. But they also think graham crackers are cookies.

All the sickness has led to longer naptimes which equals slightly longer craft time for me. Can't complain about that! So I have been making my little swappy thank you gifts for the gals who participated in my swap. It has been really really fun! I would show you, but I'm pretty sure my readership basically consists of these gals and it would spoil the surprise and we really can't have that, now can we? Sadly the pics will have to wait till next week, after they have been mailed out and hopefully arrived. I'll post next week fo sho' gals!

Oh and thanks for the logo love! I went with D after much agony. I'll show you the site that it was for when I get the go ahead to show the public!


Amy Green said...

Cute hair barretts, my daughter would love them! Just wanted to stop in a say "hello!"

Your Swap Partner,

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohh I like D as well, the little items move along with the text, keep it interesting!

I remember those raining and pouring days.

laeroport said...

Feel better, all of you!

Vallen said...

I hope everyone gets healthy soon. Love those little barrettes and the fabric behind them.

st├ęphanie said...

Hope that you are recovering well and your little ones too.My daughter(she is 4) has the flu as well...and she is moody!