Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am a Looooser!

Do you see that stash of pink and brown fantabulousness above? That is from my swap partner, Nancy, who has been extremely patient with me because she hasn't gotten her stash from me yet. Nancy, honey, thank you sooooo much for this awesome stuff!! You won't be disappointed by your box (just by the time it took to get to you...)!! She was the sweetest and even sent my two kiddos those great duckies. Can you believe it? Cute cute! She sent a notepad, bookmark, thrifted watering can, CHOCOLATE, handmade coasters and warming pad (which smell lovely, what is in them?) and my favorite, brown embroidery floss and a whole beading kit!! Thank you so much Nancy!

And do you see the sweet confection of a potholder below? That is from my potholder swap partner, Amy. Thanks Amy! The potholder and the recipe look great!

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was pretty busy. We have been playing catch-up since being sick and it is not fun. Friday was the first day I left my house in two weeks and since then it has been nuts. On Sunday, I was at a friends house visiting and Aaron calls me. My son is hollering in the background and Aaron calmly tells me he swallowed a penny and what should he do?
So I tell him to call the advice nurse who is basically useless and tells us to take him to the urgent care center (yeah, the same one I was in two weeks ago for my kidney infection. We are all on a first name basis) since Monkey boy was crying and seemed to be in pain.
So I hopped into the car, drove home, we dropped our peanut girl at a friends house and were on our way. Funny thing is once we got into the car monkey was just fine. No more tears, no more pain, but since we started the adventure, what the hey, let's finish it, right?
So we go to the doc, wait 45 mins go in take an xray, where we can see perfectly that he swallowed a dime. Even better. Thinner, smaller, it'll pass through him just fine. So later today we are expecting a return on our little "investment". The doc suggested washing it up and putting it in his baby book. I think not.
But hopefully we have learned a valuable lesson on putting things into our mouths... We are gonna get the monkey a piggy bank so he can learn to save his money properly.
So how was your weekend?


Emmascloset said...

Poor monkey.. but good grief, thank you for the laugh.. I needed that.
We have just been busy and it is about to get WORSE.... soccer, ballet....me getting up at 4:20 am to make sure I have time to work out. Everything is just getting geared up. Soccer starts tonight. The team Em will be on is the Tuff Cookies... pink and white uniforms... gotta luv the fact that the coach's wife took over in that department..... Yeah Coach's Wife....

man do I need to get back to my blog.... maybe tonight, oh, after I pass out...

PamKittyMorning said...

Good grief! Well glad all is ok.

little lovelies said...

lol, yeah we are good. MIL says it must be a trait on my side if the fam. Her kids never did that! lol!

Amy Green said...

Glad you like the potholder! As far as colors I like, pretty much anything goes..I love it all!

Buzz said...

OMG, that hot chocolate is so adorable!


Buzz said...

P.s. I wish my daughter pooped out dimes. ;) I'm glad your monkey's ok.

Allison said...

Your blog is very funny! And glad Monkey Boy was okay, and I'm with ya on the choosing not to have a poopy dime keep sake - ecchhh. And I love the fun package you got. It must have been so fun to open :o)

Mizfixit said...

I'm so glad you liked your package. You know I was nervous because it was my first swap! The mug mats and hot pads are filled with balsam fir. Isn't it a wonderful smell? I can't get enough of it myself!

And I'd be losing that dime too. Right into the trash with it!!!


Vallen said...

Once my Erica put a pearl up her nose. Took four adults (2 of them doctors) to get it out. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Lucy said...

Now that would be an interesting scrapbook page..LOL....my sister put a ton of things up her nose as a kid (((hopefully she doesn't read this))) ;). Crayons, flintsones vitamins, money...lol...why??

Love the swap package, I got a sneak peek since Nancy and I work together (in real life..lol)...and was envious of all the goodies!

Your mail lady must be loving you lately!