Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pom Poms and Packages

So says Matthew Mead and Alicia and so say I. I've just picked up the Country Home Holiday issue, styled by (Mead) and saw his pom pom wreath and knew right away what I would be doing this weekend. His is styled in all-white, but I am a color kind of gal, so mine will probably be in red, green and white. Either way, I am pretty durned excited about this wreath and after reading Posie Gets Cozy this afternoon I am inspired to make a pom garland as well. Pics to follow, friends!

Today I packaged up the little brooches I made for my Handmade Brooch Swap on Swap-bot. They turned out cute, but weren't quite what I had hoped for. I had taken pics here, but have since changed my mind on which ones I was going to send. One of my partners said she is not really into cutesy, but more primitive, country things. Bad for me since I am all about cutesy. However, I think I rose to the challenge and made her a pin I hope is to her liking. So, Donna, if you read this, kow that I really tried to do something I thought you would like! I'll post pics of my real finished products after the swap, that way if my partners just happend to wander over here, the suprise won't be ruined.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend's over!

Yes, I realise it is Monday, but my honey had the holiday off today, so for us the weekend is just ending. And what a weekend it was! Saturday the kiddos and I went to my in-laws home for a reception honoring my husband's brother and his new wife. Aaron couldn't make it due to a nasty flu virus. Boo! But we had a nice time, decided last minute to stay overnight and drove home really early Sunday morning. My monkey boy son woke up on the wrong side of the bed and having used up all of his good manners during the party the night before was being a PILL. So I decided to spare my sweet in-laws the headache of listening to him whine and me telling him to stop all morning and make a hasty and early departure. Though they were very glad we came, I don't think they were so sad to see us go!

It was a good thing I left anyway. Sunday afternoon I had a baby shower to go to and a gift to finish up. I embroidered and embellished the new baby some onesies. They turned out quite adorably and momma-to-be loved them. It was great to go to the shower and see friends from high school; people you don't see except for weddings and baby showers anyway. My 10 year reunion is coming up and in the last year I have reconnected with a group of girls who I knew back then, but didn't really know, if you know what I mean. We are all getting to know each other again, and I am so happy! They are wonderful!

Today (Monday) was one of those lovely, lazy, long days where we did lots of nothing. Well, it felt like nothing, but I think we actually accomplished quite a bit. We had breakfast with friends, ran into an antique store, where I found some fun jewlery. One peice is vintage, the other I am fairly sure is new, but I love it anyway. We then went to the hardware store and home to tackle the ginormous amount of laundry that needed to be folded. It was embarassing the pile, but we plugged in a movie and folded away. Good times, good times.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Better Late Than Never

My little peanut's 1st birthday was in October, but I never got around to posting pics. Bad momma! I made a cupcake mountain for her, with a train going up the side. Yum! My son took the "i" from birthday, but we made do.

I did a carnival theme and had all kinds of games set up for the kids. I found some plastic flag bunting at a party store for $8. Best eight bucks I ever spent! It was the only decoration I used and it completely transformed the yard and made it very festive looking. Naturally I don't have great pics of it. I do intend on keeping it and using it for years to come, so it will re-appear in the future. I know it seems silly to have a big party with a theme and all for a one year old, but I have an unusually large family. I am the oldest of 22 grandchildren, 13 of whom are still in elementary school. Family parties are a bit of a big deal around here, and always lots of fun!

She really enjoyed her cupcake. It wasn't great from a culinary standpoint, but it was fun to watch her go to town on it. Isn't she the cutest?