Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pretty Little Pins All in a Row

Or at least they will be pins when I finish them. They are cute, if not masterpeices. I think they will make sweet additions to jackets, purses, scarves, headbands, hairpins. You get the idea. The patchwork square pin I love because the colors are so bright and sweet. They are all for my brooch swap on
swap-bot, but I might have to keep Patch and crochet another one. Shortly after sewing up that pin my sewing machine decided to stop working for me. So sad!

It's nice to have these mostly done. I still need to get pin backs for them, but that has to occur another day as my munchkins are sick. :( My monkey-boy has been laying on the couch watching "Legos' (Go, Diego, Go) all after noon and my little peanut girl has been sleeping most of the day. They have to get better by the weekend as we have parties up the wazzoo! Saturday is Little Peanut's first birthday party and Sunday is our costume party. Fun stuff they won't want to miss, so we need to stay close to home for awhile.

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