Friday, October 27, 2006

Thinking Pink! (and purple, too)

My pink care package arrived in the mail the other day, making me so very very happy! My swap partner, Velleitypie, nailed me perfectly, from the outside of the box and mailing labels, to the buttons and rick-rack and embroidery floss inside. It felt like Christmas!! Thank you so much, Jen, you are wonderful! I also finally mailed my package today (bad girl, waiting till the last day!) so I hope my swap partner enjoys the pinkness. It was really too much fun putting those together. I'll also be mailing off the brooches from the Brooch swap this week. Check your mailboxes gals!

Since I had so much fun receiving/making those packages I made a purple themed one for my best friend in St. Louis. I have been missing her a ton lately, so I hope she really enjoys the purple care package that is coming her way. It was packed with so much love! expect more coming soon, darling friend! A Blue themed box is sputtering up there in my brain...or coffee

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