Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Saga of The Superhero

My very first project since 1990 (ha!) was this cape for my son. My darling mother-in-law pulled out her sewing machine and some fabric and said "Make your boy a cape." after we had been talking about how much he would like one. So for an hour I cut and measured and sewed and made him a cute little cape.

Which, of course, he refused to wear. He stood still and let us measure him three times. He saw the fabric and exclaimed over it. He watched me cut it out. And when I walked up to him with the finished project the kid ran from me screaming. He refused to wear it then, he refused an hour later, the next day, the next week. I commented to my husband that if I made my sister (who is seven and his hero) a cape he'd actually wear his. He laughed, I laughed.

A few days later Little Sis stayed the weekend with us, so I made her her own super hero cape. I grabbed my boy's cape from the dress up bin and ran after him to see if he would wear it and he went running. I turned and tied Little Sis's cape on her and my boy looked at her, looked at his cape, looked at her, and said "I want my cape, momma." Well ok then, son.

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