Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am filled with a desire-no-need to simplify my life. To declutter, clean, streamline. I am realizing that our needs are few and we just have too much. I emptied out my closet, the kids closets and toy chests, and our bookshelves. Of course it all just gets transferred to the garage until I can make a massive trip to Goodwill or have a garage sale.
Hopefully soon I can have a garage sale to raise some much needed funds for my 3-Day walk. I got my first $150 this week, which is very exciting. Aside from the fact that I signed my life away to raise $2200, getting the first pledges makes the whole endeavor feel very "official".
Ahhh. The closets are calling. More purging is needed...


Arlene said...

I just did a major purge, via Freecycle, you should try it...you post what you don't need, it keeps it out of the landfills, and gives it to someone who could really use it. I also received tons of perennials via freecycle...I am addicted! LOL

Sonya said...

It must be catching! Now I need to make the leap from the pile in front of the closet to the car and then to Goodwill. I agree with Arlene - I am a Freecycle Fan as well, but it can cause more problems as I seem to accumulate as much, if not more than I give away.