Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buh-Bye Red Meat

A few months ago we signed up for a CSA and have been enjoying weekly vegetable and bread deliveries ever since. We have tried lots of new veggies, or at least veggies we don't normally buy, like beets (which I like roasted with olive oil salt and pepper) leeks, and this weeks fava beans. We have made a commitment to healthy eating and though I proposed going vegetarian all the way (pretty much everything I cook is sans meat anyway) Aaron balked at the idea of no more chicken ever again. At the end of the day red meat got the voted off the island and chicken and fish get to stay. We rarely eat red meat to begin with, so this isn't really the sacrifice it might seem.

I love going through my recipe collection and planning our meals. I have big plans for the veggie box this week. Fava Bean and Spring Vegetable Soup, Collard Green Olive Pesto, Beets and Carmelized Onion with Feta are just a few of the recipes slated for this week.

The other night I made vegetable lasagna, adapted from my favorite Everyday Food lasagna recipe. It was probably the best lasagna I have made yet and was made using whatever veggies I had on hand. I am not one to follow recipes exactly (or directions, or patterns...) but this one I followed pretty well. I just added chopped up broccoli and some extra garlic cloves to my marinara sauce and used low fat or part skim cheeses.

It must have been pretty good because we had it for dinner Monday night and Aaron took the leftovers for lunch both yesterday and today.

PS see my fun new range?? I love it! SO easy to clean!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with veggies, but thanks for the tip about the tent. We had already been tossing that idea around, and it is good to hear that other people had the same idea. I think that might be my best bet.

LeeAnn said...

I was raised on a beef farm, so I don't think I could give up red meat. But as I say this, I prefer veggie lasgna to a meat-lovers version. I put spaghetti squash in mine. Yummy!

And your beet with onions and feta recipe is excellent. I made that before.

Randi said...

We just joined our local CSA and I am looking forward to lots of good veggies this summer! My daughter has a vegetarian blog and she makes some yummy things, here is the link:

She made some vegan chocolate cupcakes the other day and i told her she needed to post the recipe because they were SO good! Hopefully next week she will post that one!

Sonya said...

Um. Drool? When can I come over?

vanessaann said...

that looks so good! is CSA expensive? i don't think i've ever heard of it before.